Symbian Project

Thanks to a great technology development nowadays in a mobile phone we can find a computer which is much more powerful than personal computers used ten or more years ago. Millions of people can afford a personal equipment which can be used for different tasks from simple games to advanced navigation system.

Such a big number of customers have caused an amazing rise of companies producing programs for mass customer which you can buy for a few dollars. Unfortunately in this flood of different software sometimes it is hard to find programs which implement specific tasks needed only for small group of users. Companies don't want to produce such programs for a few customers. The other reason is that sometimes such software is difficult to implement because of limited hardware resources and an operating system limitations.

Our firm tries to fill this market niche up. We want to make programs not for mass users but for very particular ones. Especially we want to implement functions which are not present in other software.

We intend to make possibility of using our programs before buying it, that's why each program has its light version. In this version some functionality is available in a big way and some is limited.

We are strongly invited to get acquainted with our offer which is available on this website.

Zubek Electronics
Symbian Project