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Audiometry is one of the tests used in diagnosing diseases of hearing. This test is not expensive, but it requires some practice from a tested person. Problems with the correct performance of this test are particularly evident for children who are unable to hear the "pure" tones used during such tests. Also in the case of adults, this test requires some practice. Sometimes the possibility of early practice let significantly improve the result by up to several decibels.

To avoid such problems the best solution would be to allow to make the test several time at home. Unfortunately, professional audiometer is very expensive (several thousand euro), so the ideal solution seems to be using your computer for this purpose. To do this you need the appropriate software, which allows to perform an appropriate test procedure and to present results. It is also necessary to enable the use the lowcost handsets for this purpose.

The presented application is one of the first programs, which comes up to those expectations. For the price of a single audiometric test we get the opportunity to perform an unlimited number of tests for each of the family members and friends. You can practice many times, until the ear "learns" to capture barely audible sound from ambient noise. Your hearing can be compared to hearing of your friends, or you can attempt to experiment measurements before the exposure to noise / loud sounds and after it. It is possible that this experiment will convince some fans of a loud music to turn it down ;-)

In order to become familiar with the program a free demo version is available. You can also see some screen shots in program descriptions.

We invite you to try out the program and to purchase the full version.

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Audiometer Project


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