Audiometer application is used to evaluate the performance of hearing people. Thanks to it, without expensive instruments, at home you can evaluate your hearing loss. Application of the original method of headphones calibration allows to plot the threshold of hearing relative to 'normal' hearing (audiogram) by using normal computer headphones. The audiogram shows if tested person has any hearing problems (hearing loss<20dB). The application also allows you to prepare for hearing tests necessary for obtaining various permissions (ex. professional driving licence).

Thanks to a clear presentation of measurement results you can easily compare the results for different people or for the same person which were carried out in different conditions (ex. after listening a loud music). The results can be presented in the absolute scale (dB), or in relation to the reference (normal hearing loss) created on the basis of healthy and young people measurements.

At the time of measurement we can observe the results on a special form. Each measurement can be described by the test person data and additional comments. At any time you can pause the measurement or repeat it for the last frequency.

The program allows you to customize measurement parameters for individual needs. You can use a decreasing intensity of sound procedure and tone modulation. These futures make the test much easier for children and older people. You can choose different set of test frequencies to create more or less detailed results. This help to perform measurements for people who have difficulty with concentrating the attention, for example for children. By using one earpiece for measurement you can avoid errors that may appear for cheaper models of headphones (other characteristics of the left and right earpiece).

Another interesting solution is the calibration procedure, which allows you to adjust different parameters depending on your computer sound card and headphones. The calibration can be performed for several frequencies, which is important for people having problem with hearing for some range of frequencies.

The results can be saved to a file or print to a printer, than user can load them and compare with the results of others.

More information about the program you can find in application help. You can also try out the program by download a free demo version. If you like it you can order full version.


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